SF-200 | Water-cut meter

Water-cut meter

Produced water is one of the biggest challenges of production team in any oil field. Mature fields start producing more and more water with each passing day.

It is crucial to measure the amount of produced water in production stream in order to schedule and effectively manage the well intervention tasks. Well testing will soon become the phenomenon of the past which is a huge OPEX burden to oil companies.

Check out Saher Flow’s non-radioactive, non-intrusive, full range & orientation insensitive water-cut sensor which exploits our patented DMOR™ technology.

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Saher Flow Solutions is advanced sensing solution provider, offering its patented water-cut & multiphase flow meters designed for the first time in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We also provide consultancy services and collaborate with industries and academic institutes to turn their ideas into certified products. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities.


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