SF-210 -- 2-Phase Flow Meter

2-Phase Flow Meter

Multiphase flows are encountered in all oil fields. Production rates of oil, water and gases may vary depending on the conditions of oil well, reservoir and/or the method employed for enhanced oil recovery.

In order to optimize the process of interconnected parameters, it is fundamental to measure the flow rates of oil, water and gases. Saher Flow’s 2-phase flow meter gives flow rates of oil and water in the presence of gas. The compact meter simplifies the measurement process on field and gives unique benefits such as long-life (non-intrusive), safety (non-radioactive) and accuracy over full range.

About SaherFlow Solutions

Saher Flow Solutions is advanced sensing solution provider, offering its patented water-cut & multiphase flow meters designed for the first time in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We also provide consultancy services and collaborate with industries and academic institutes to turn their ideas into certified products. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities.


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