SF-210 | 2-Phase Flow Meter

2-Phase Flow Meter

Multiphase mixture is very common in upstream sector of oil industry. Production rates of oil, water and gases may vary depending on the conditions of oil well, reservoir and/or the method employed for enhanced oil recovery

In order to optimize the process of interconnected parameters, it is essential to measure the flow rates of oil, water and gases. Saher Flow’s 2-phase flow meter, commonly known as waventuri, integrates a venturi flow meter with microwave DMOR technology. such that it gives flow rates of liquids (oil and water) even in the presence of gas. The compact meter simplifies the measurement process on field and gives unique benefits such as long-life (non-intrusive), safety (non-radioactive) and accuracy over full range.

This meter is as simple as a venturi which comes with an extended throat. We have used the extended throat of the venturi to integrate our proprietary microwave sensors. High frequency sensors working on 2 different bands helps get the water-cut which when combined with the venturi pressure drop, gives water and oil flow rates. The integration of venturi and microwave sensor is such that there is no obstruction to the flow and very minimal pressure (<1 psi) is dropped across the device.

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