SK-100 | Multiphase Metering Skid with integrated sampling port and flow bypass

Multiphase Metering Skid with integrated sampling port and flow bypass


SK-100 is a compact and portable skid integrating Saher’s patented multiphase meter (MPM). The skid is equipped with a range of options like a high-pressure sampling valve which lets field engineers to sample and calibrate the multiphase meter, right on the site itself. This valve is safe to operate with a patented actuation mechanism using custom-designed sampling bottles which ensures safe sampling without any leakage or spill. As the portable skid is designed to test multiple wells using the same setup, it is quite possible that different wells might have different fluid properties. That’s why our integrated safe sampling system comes in handy to meet these objectives.

Moreover, the skid is provided with diversion valves which allow the field engineer to bypass the flow from the skid during the commissioning or decommissioning phase. This feature allows the access of different skid parts for maintenance purposes without any spill or leakage. It also helps achieve soft start and soft stop operation which minimizes the risk of leak bursts due to imperfections in the pipework.

This skid is a complete package including Saher’s multiphase meter (MPM) and its ATEX/IECEx certified readout electronics box. With plug-and-play setup and local Human Machine Interface (HMI) integrated into the skid, end-user will get valuable insight into its production assets in just few hours. In addition, data will also be saved in local memory and be securely uploaded to the cloud servers which can be accessed later for reporting purposes.

This skid packed with a bunch of desired features can be fitted in the back compartment of a small-sized pickup truck. Easy transportation and minimal crew cost will dramatically decrease your operating expenditure (OPEX) while delivering high mobility, versatility, and accuracy.


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