SF-300 | Multiphase Flow Meter (MPFM)

Multiphase Flow Meter (MPFM)

Water and gases are major by-products of oil production process. It requires many parameters to control in order to get optimum performance. First and foremost parameter required to optimize production is to measure water-cut (WC) and gas volume fraction (GVF).

Saher Flow’s multiphase flow meter employs multi-patented microwave DMOR™ technology to accurately measure WC & GVF in wide range of operating conditions. Phase fractions (WC & GVF) are purely calculated using microwave DMOR technology and do not rely on cross correlation. Which is why, the meter does not require any PVT information, making it less dependent on process parameters. It not only reduces the calibration requirements but also saves a lot on OPEX.

Water-cut and Gas Volume Fraction is measured using dual frequency microwave resonators commonly known as microwave DMOR technology. It utilizes two resonators to measure the dielectric properties (dielectric constant and dielectric loss) of the multiphase mixture at two different frequency bands. This information is then utilized to calculate the effective density of the multiphase mixture. This information is integrated with conventional flow measurement devices like venturi or cone flow meters to calculate the flow rates of oil, water and gases.

With the use of advanced AI models developed for multiple flow regimes, our meter’s performance remains intact over wide range of flow rates.

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