IEEE Sensors Society Honoring our CTO with prestigious Technical Achievement award

Field trials of Saher multiphase flow meter

A proud moment to honor our Chief Technology officer: Dr. Muhamad Akram Karimi for receiving the 2021 IEEE Sensors Council Technical Achievement Award in the area of Sensors (early career).

We are happy to announce that our CTO & general manager Dr. Muhammad Akram Karimi have been awarded the prestigious 2021 IEEE Sensors Council Technical Achievement Award (Early Career), For his continuous contribution and extraordinary innovation, the DMOR technology. The award honors an individual with “outstanding technical contributions within the scope of the IEEE Sensors Council, as documented by publications and patents. It is based on the general quality and originality of contributions.”
To know more about research contributions of our CTO, please visit this link.
New horizon in multiphase sensing
Started as PhD research in multiphase sensing, is now being commercialized as first of its kind meter capable of performing multiphase measurements with following desired features:
1. Non-intrusive (No physical interaction with fluid)
2. Non-radioactive (Safe to use – No import restrictions)
3. Wide operating range
4. Compact and light weight printing technology
5. Minimum calibration requirement due to its patented Digital Twin Algorithm
6. Wireless worldwide connectivity using secure cloud

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