Saher Flow Solutions participates in IKTVA Forum 2023

Saher Flow Solutions participates in IKTVA forum 2023 as kingdom’s first and only supplier of multiphase flow meters (MPFMs).

IKTVA (In Kingdom Total Value Addition) is Aramco’s flagship program to promote the local content in products and services utilized inside Saudi Aramco. The target is to achieve 70% localization of the products and services by 2030.

Saher Flow Solutions is perfectly positioned as kingdom’s first and only company which not only manufacturers MPFM inside the kingdom but also designs each and every part in the premises of Saudi Arabia. The technology has been co-developed by Saudi Aramco itself in collaboration with King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). Saher Flow Solutions holds the exclusive license to commercialize this strategically significant technology to meet the needs of Saudi Aramco.

Aramco is the world’s biggest user of multiphase flow meters and has field tested almost all kinds of MPFM technologies ranging from ultrasounds, gamma rays & far infrared waves. All of the existing technologies have reported several challenges such as measurement inaccuracy, HSE hazard due to the use of radioactive gamma ray source and intrusive measurements owing to the contact of sensing element with the multiphase mixture.

With 9 years of R&D, Saudi Aramco has developed microwave DFOR technology which can measure multiphase mixture with high accuracy owing to its integrated digital twin model. Microwave DMOR technology is safe to use as it does not require any hazardous gamma ray source and gives accurate measurements over full range of WLR and GVF owing to its AI enabled digital twin model. This technology gives accurate measurements in a wide range of flow regimes which is why it can be installed in any orientation (horizontal, vertical or any angle in between). The orientation insensitivity is extremely helpful for the extension of this technology for full-range downhole water-cut measurements.

This technology is now fully commercialized and is now being field tested in various parts of GCC, South America as well as Far East Asia.


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