Saher Multiphase Meter testing in SwRI flow loop


Industrial flow loops play a critical role in validating the performance of multiphase meters and it is considered an essential benchmarking test before rolling out the meters to the fields. For the same reasons, Saher Flow Solutions has proudly completed a flow loop test at South West Research Institute (SwRI) located in San Antonio, TX, USA. SwRI flow loop can generate a wide range of flow regimes including stratified, wavy stratified, bubbly, and slug to name a few. SwRI makes use of methane as a gaseous phase which represents a more realistic test condition as compared to nitrogen gas commonly used in other flow loops. Moreover, the SwRI flow loop enables testing at high-pressure levels up to 3600 psi to represent more realistic field conditions.

In addition, temperature and salinity conditions are also precisely controlled to make accurate calibration possible. This is especially important for microwave-based multiphase meters as dielectric properties are a strong function of temperature and salinity. However, owing to the use of innovative dual mutually orthogonal resonance technology (DMOR), Saher Flow offers one of its kind microwave-based multiphase meter which is unaffected by varying salinity and temperature conditions over a wide range of operating conditions.

Owing to the non-linear & non-monotonic effect of temperature and salinity on dielectric properties of the multiphase mixture, it is considered almost impossible to detect both water-cut (WC) as well as gas volume fraction (GVF) using just the microwaves. However, Saher Flow has successfully integrated the smart Digital Twin Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm with the microwave sensors which enables multiphase sensing possible – without using any radioactive source or moving parts.

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