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Waventuri multiphase meter | Discover the full power of accuracte multiphase sensing

World’s first PVT independent multiphase meter


Oil & gas operators spend billions each year to manage unwanted produced water which results in increasing cost per barrel.

A Well intervention and workover jobs are heavily dependent on well performance data which is typically obtained either through expensive test separators or using existing multiphase meters (MPFM) with several shortcomings. Existing MPFMs are radioactive, intrusive, flow regime dependent and do not cover full range without requiring frequent recalibrations.


Inline compact sensor to monitor multiphase mixture with accuracy. Monitor and optimize your well performance 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Our multi-patented Microwave Dual Mutually Orthogonal Resonator (DMOR) sensor can be permanently mounted on the well heads. Unlike test separators, operators get real time well performance data from the oil wells which enables proactive maintenance. Operators can potentially save millions of dollars by minimizing produced water & production down time. Unlike our competitors, we offer full range, non-intrusive, non-radioactive and orientation insensitive multiphase sensing solution.


Exploiting microwave DMOR™ technology, Saher flow’s water-cut and multiphase meter offers key benefits such non-intrusive, non-radioactive, full bore, full range, and orientation insensitive measurements.

Salient Features


Power of advanced multiphase sensing in a compact package.

Cost effective

Get superior performance at a competitive price compared to our competitors.

Remote Monitoring

No need to visit well site in remote location or to access data center to view well performance. Our sensors are equipped with secure cloud connectivity and data can be accessed from anywhere in the world.


Gamma rays were the solutions of the past. Our solution does not use any radioactive source such as gamma rays and yet gives accurate measurements.

Min. Calibration Requirements

Multiphase fraction sensing (WC & GVF) does not require PVT data & our advanced algorithms minimize the requirement of frequent recalibration.

Orientation Insensitivity

Our sensing solution is unaffected by the orientation of the pipe. Install our meter horizontal or vertical depending on the space available on site.

Our Team

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About SaherFlow Solutions

Saher Flow Solutions is advanced sensing solution provider, offering its patented water-cut & multiphase flow meters designed for the first time in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We also provide consultancy services and collaborate with industries and academic institutes to turn their ideas into certified products. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities.


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